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Learning Methode

All products developed by DataPower® Learning are based on a well proven pedagogic system.


To effectively achieve training objectives in a meaningful and expedient way it is important that the training material is individually adapted and organized. All training is most effective in the borderline between the familiar and the unknown. This makes it possible to reach out for new knowledge and at the same time anchor your training to something familiar and well known.

Assessment and motivation

To utilise this method it is crucial for the user to assess the level of skills and knowledge before the training commences. During training you will be motivated by completing a module and being able to measure your increase in competence compared to yourself and others. Your training will be varied and effective if you alternate between sections with theory, how-to and exercises. The Final test is a natural end point for all training. It is especially important to document your gained competence towards your organisation or employer.


Use of multimedia is an important pedagogic element that creates interactivity and activity. When you are exposed to several media simultaneously, such as sound, graphic, animation and text the training becomes more effective and enjoyable and will have a higher retention value.

DataPower Learning AS

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